Wildflower Gallery

These fun little circles below remind me of the gerbera books wholesalers give to florists!

April Wildflower Colour Scheme

April Wildflowers

Stylecraft special dk:

• White • Stone • Buttermilk • Citron • Wisteria • Parma Violet • Pistachio • Meadow • Cypress •

Summer Wildflower Colour Scheme

Summer Wildflower Colour Scheme

Stylecraft special dk:

• White • Cream • Stone • Toy •

• Buttermilk • Citron • Wisteria • Parma Violet • Pale Rose • Raspberry • Lavender • Violet • Mushroom • Vintage Peach •

• Pistachio • Meadow • Cypress •

Wildflowers & Selective Weeding

My favourite colours remind me of my Grandmothers’ gardens. My maternal grandmother moved a lot when I was a child but she always took cuttings and plants with her. It didn’t matter what state the garden was when she moved into a house, my Nan would always have the garden looking amazing within a few weeks. Her top tip was ‘selective weeding’. She saw beauty in plants most of us would rip out. The result was gardens full and bursting with wildflowers: primroses, poppies, Michaelmas daisies, flux, cornflowers, the list goes on.

Buttermilk • White • Stone • Toy • Vintage Peach • Lavender • Pale Rose • Cream • Wisteria • Mushroom

If you’re interested in growing a wildflower garden check out these links below to learn more.

The Blue Heart Campaign aims to “rewild Britain garden by garden”

15 Ways to Build a Wilder Garden

Rewild Your Garden With Tips From Springwatch

I will keep adding to this Wildflower Gallery as I make new flowers 🌸

Happy Crocheting,

Sam 💛

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