Wildflower Gallery

Welcome to the Wildflower Gallery! These fun little circles below remind me of the gerbera books wholesalers give to florists!

April Wildflower Colour Scheme

April Wildflowers

Stylecraft special dk:

• White • Stone • Buttermilk • Citron • Wisteria • Parma Violet • Pistachio • Meadow • Cypress •

Summer Wildflower Colour Scheme

Summer Wildflower Colour Scheme

Stylecraft special dk:

• White • Cream • Stone • Toy •

• Buttermilk • Citron • Wisteria • Parma Violet • Pale Rose • Raspberry • Lavender • Violet • Mushroom • Vintage Peach •

• Pistachio • Meadow • Cypress •

Wildflowers & Selective Weeding

My favourite colours in the wildflower gallery remind me of my Grandmothers’ gardens. My maternal grandmother moved a lot when I was a child but she always took cuttings and plants with her. It didn’t matter what state the garden was when she moved into a house, my Nan would always have the garden looking amazing within a few weeks. Her top tip was ‘selective weeding’. She saw beauty in plants most of us would rip out. The result was gardens full and bursting with wildflowers: primroses, poppies, Michaelmas daisies, flux, cornflowers, the list goes on.

Buttermilk • White • Stone • Toy • Vintage Peach • Lavender • Pale Rose • Cream • Wisteria • Mushroom

If you’re interested in growing a wildflower garden check out these links below to learn more.

The Blue Heart Campaign aims to “rewild Britain garden by garden”

15 Ways to Build a Wilder Garden

Rewild Your Garden With Tips From Springwatch

I will keep adding to this Wildflower Gallery as I make new flowers 🌸

Happy Crocheting,

Sam 💛

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