Wildflower Bunting Part 3

If you’re new to The Wildflower Bunting blogpost series check out The Introduction and Wildflower Bunting Part 1 first. If you’ve just completed Part 2, The Bunting Triangles read on!

Wildflower Bunting Chain (butterflies from Pinterest)

This part makes me think of people coming together and sharing. Getting excited for whatever event you’re planning to display your bunting at or people sharing either by way of gifting your Wildflower Bunting or simply by taking part and completing the project. I feel happy to have shared this pattern with you. It brings me joy to think of sharing with people I’ve never met.

Crochet Charts for left and right handed available in the PDF download.


Yarn – cypress

4.5mm hook


Darning needle.

Prep work

Before joining all your Wildflower Bunting triangles together use your darning needle to sew in ends. If you haven’t already blocked your triangles do it now, don’t worry if there are slight size differences. To block your work, pull your triangles into shape. Fix your work to a crochet block or use packaging polystyrene or a carpet. I use cheap barbecue skewers that I had in the house to fix to polystyrene packaging from a DVD player (I think it was a DVD player, something like that anyway!). Lightly spray with cool water and leave to dry.

Now for the fun part! Lay your triangles
out in chains of 15. The bunting will hang
after every 5th triangle. For a 15 triangle Wildflower Bunting chain there will be 4 hanging points including the start and end. Play around with your triangles and try different layouts. When you’ve decided on the layout leave them out for a while so you can check them a few times.

Number you’re triangles 1-15 from right to left if you’re right handed or 1-15 left to right if you’re left handed.

The join will be made in a single row. There are ten chain spaces across each bunting triangle. We will be slip stitching into these chain spaces to join the triangles together. Start joining in from triangle 1.

Row 1: [cypress] 4.5mm hook. Slip knot and Ss to the ch4 sp. ch16, Ss to 16th ch from the hook (this is the 1st chain you made), Ss to ch4 sp. {(ch3, Ss to next sp) x 9. Ss to new triangle} x 4. (ch3, Ss to next sp) x 9. Ch16, Ss to 16th ch from hook, Ss to ch4 sp. Ss to new triangle. Repeat * till you have joined all your bunting triangles together, cut and tie yarn. Sew in ends.

Congratulations! You are now ready to hang your Wildflower Bunting 💛

If you share your Wildflower Bunting on social media don’t forget the hashtags!





If you want to share your Wildflower Bunting with the community check out the details in The Introduction.

Happy Crocheting,

Sam 💛

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