A bundled up blanket

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One of my favourite books is The Artists Way and since reading it I’ve been inspired to think of and present my crochet work as art projects. Most of the projects here are the result of activities suggested in the book, namely the morning pages and the artists date.


Yarn Bomb!

Carshalton Artists have teamed up with Sutton Council’s Cultural Services, SamiArt and Sutton Writers to deliver an exciting ‘Open Streets’ visual arts event across Carshalton, as a celebration of the arts post-lockdown from the 17th June to the 25th July.”

Box of crochet flowers
Crochet Wildflowers

I was fortunate to be able to design and contribute The Wildflower Bunting to this now live event. Check out the Introduction for the Wildflower Bunting free blog post pattern and details of how you can take part!

To see my inspiration, design and making progress check out my Instagram feed.

4 x 4 Granny Square Project

Granny squares are a great way to learn new stitches. Each square is a small achievable goal/project and an excellent way to use up scrap yarn.

The first blanket I made was one continuous granny square!

4 x 4 Traditional Granny Squares

The 4×4 Granny Square Project is a very simple doted journal filed with as many small granny squares as I can think of. Using the Traditional Granny Square as a base and simply changing one stitch at a time hundreds of different squares can be created. This is not a design project. This is systematically experimenting with the architecture of Granny Squares. However, that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the squares created. I’m passionate about geometric art and Islamic design, the approach to one art form perfectly translates to another in this instance.

The project starts with a traditional granny square. If you’re familiar with geometric art think of this as a four fold pattern set up. This is our starting block, #1. The granny squares progress from there in a clear logical order. Building skills and knowledge in a manageable sequence.

New 4 x 4 Granny Square patterns are released on Mondays.

Granny Squares & join as you go method