6 granny squares

I love crochet! I first learned to crochet about 8 years ago at a home education group. I played around with it for a couple of years not making much progress until I set myself a New Years Resolution 2 years ago to make 200 different granny squares. Since then I’ve made hundreds of squares! I’ve always found patchwork delightful to look at and now also to make.

I started freestyle crocheting and designing my own patterns in January 2020. I had been making the Scheepjes Rosetta Cal and the Vibrant Vintage Cal when suddenly grief made it hard for me to concentrate. I found it hard to follow patterns. So I went off script. Crocheting, using our hands in a repetitive way is a great way to meditate.

Anita’s Hugs Crochet Blanket

The first blanket I made without a pattern, Anita’s Hugs is a simple design using 4 round granny squares with a quick join as you go method. I used stylecraft yarn from my stash.

4×4 Granny Squares

Since making Anita’s Hugs I have blanket design ideas brimming out of my mind. I’m particularly enjoying sofa blankets inspired by American T.V shows.


I’ve loved patchwork as long as I can remember. As a small child my cousin had a Holly Hobby patchwork quilt and I was enchanted, I’d never seen a quilt so pretty! As a teenager an aunt had a patchwork quilt we would sit on as she mended tears. As a young adult another aunt gifted me an Amish patchwork quilt. All fond memories. Last year I was proud to gift my daughter a homemade patchwork crochet blanket using the Willow Square by Jan Eaton.

The Willow Square by Jan Eaton

Happy Crocheting,

Sam 💛